A Lighting Revolution

For decades, the home building process has naturally led home builders to decide on lighting at the near end of the construction process. While this has worked up to a point, current technology and design strategies have far surpassed what typical lighting designers are offering their clients. In general, by the time home builders start to shop for fixtures, the construction of their home has progressed to a point where many of the most beautiful and unique lighting options are now no longer feasible to install without tearing down newly constructed walls.

The realization of this substantial market gap is what guided Truitt Electric to redirect the conventional way of lighting design and launch The Lighting Center. Here, we encourage home builders to think about their home’s lighting earlier in the construction process so that they have significantly more options available to them. We are also challenging customers to consider decorating their homes with a focus on light as opposed to solely concentrating on specific fixtures – especially since fixtures become outdated so quickly!